Core Business: Coatings for Furniture Industry (Synthetic Leather, natural fibre fabrics, flame retardant fabrics, artificial fibre fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, coatings for technical applications, nets…)


Our product range consists in materials developed by Carlos Natal Ltd., designed for market specifications always aware of the correlation between quality, price and specific area features, and also customer preferences, consumer tastes and respect for Nature.


We represent and distribute many brands in Portugal from various world markets, from we highlight the Cotting Group, Europe’s enduction leader, with facilities in Spain, France, Belgium and Poland.


A careful logistical organization enables us to maintain high stocks and products available for immediate delivery. All our facilities are designed in order to control factors such as light, temperature, humidity and dust, which would change the original products characteristics.


Our team’s professionalism ensures personalized assistance at any stage of the supply chain.