The future depends on us.


Here, at Carlos Natal, we have a strong awareness that we are a part of a world that belongs to us all and, therefore, we have a constant concern in reducing to the most our Ecological Footprint. Thanks to a daily effort and unwavering conviction of all our personnel (internal and external), we reuse, recycle and save precious resources.



In addition to REACH certificates, all the companies we work with are recycling and controlling their emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2), control and respect their water resources, recycle and reuse a myriad of materials throughout the production chain. Therefore, more and more products are certified with the labels Oekotex Standard 100.


All materials that we offer are produced in factories that meet the strictest environmental protocols, namely the European REACH regulation.
The primary objective of REACH is to ensure better protection of human health and the environment through the early identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances used in the production industry. This Regulation lays down rules for use, and disposal of such chemicals. Following this, we all work for all varnishes and dyes to be water-based and that the discharge of toxic solvents will not be a dream but a reality.

recycling and reuse

We take all our efforts so that, increasingly, our products are produced using natural raw materials, renewable and recyclable. Our aspiration is to reduce as much as possible the use of all types of fossil fuels and non-renewable materials.